Mind, Body, Spirit

We seek to develop the mind, body and spirit of each student through a practical, effective, and creative martial art system called Mo Duk Pai..

Each Student An Individual

Students progress at their own rate by mastering a catalog of basic techniques, enabling creativity and improvisation in a variety of situations, from competition to street to daily life.

One System, Many Locations

MDP schools are located in in NE, SE and SW Portland, OR, with classes in Mo Duk Pai, Crossfit, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Capoeira, Systema and more, for both kids and adults. Membership in a MDP school gives students the opportunity to train at other MDP affiliate schools, in many instances for free or discounted pricing. Check out a convenient location near you.


One Week’s Complementary Trial Classes!

Use the form below and let us know when you’d like to come by, or for questions you may have regarding our programs. We do not sell or give away your info. We’d love to hear from you, or get you started with no obligation!

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Big Changes

You might have noticed we’re undergoing big changes, including here at the website. First of all, Sifu Kelly has handed over the reigns to longtime student, and new owner of the school,

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Testing Day

Testing day is coming up! Whether or not you’re on the list, please come by and give the testing students some support, or volunteer to help with the test.17342728_1325285234218441_7583863710990927893_n

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Self Defense Class for Women

Sifu Shannon and Sifu Sean will be hosting a practical self defense class on Sunday June 26th from 1:00-3:30pm at NPMA. Classes are limited to 14 students. Please see the attached flyer for more information!

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Kids’ Tournament and New Instructor!

We have two announcements to make.

First, we’d like to welcome Sifu Shanti Webley! He’ll be teaching QiGong classes on Friday evenings. Please check the calendar at Woodlawn Movement &

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Memorial Day schedule

Hello everyone!

There will be no classes Monday in honor of Memorial Day. Classes are still on Sunday, with Michael Wall teaching.

Have a great weekend!

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Anxiety and Pain

We’ve all felt pain before. It’s part of what makes us human.

Several things happen to us physically whenever we feel pain. Let’s take a quick impact injury sustained during class.

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When I first started training, when the start of the year came around, Sifu suggested that I pick a word that would be something I could focus on throughout the whole year.

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Folding Knife seminar

Start 2015 off right with this five hour folding knife seminar!

Many of us carry a folding knife as part of our daily lives, typically for utilitarian purposes,

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Total awareness

I’ve been thinking about total awareness, and how important it really is to my training. We have just been through the holiday season: time of friends, family, giving, and thanks.

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Holiday offer

2015 2 months offer

It’s the holiday season, and most of us have a goal to get in better shape, work out more, or lose weight. What better way to do that than by trying out something new and getting in shape at the same time!

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