When I first started training, when the start of the year came around, Sifu suggested that I pick a word that would be something I could focus on throughout the whole year. It could be any word that came to mind. It could either be a word that helps my training, or life, it didn’t matter. I found it really works. The first year the word was relax. The second year it was control. This year its action. All things that I need to work on in my training. But I realized pretty quick that the words that I picked for my training transcend into everyday life as well. Not to say I’ve mastered any of these things but having them in my thoughts, writing them down, keeping them in mind not only when I’m training, but in everyday life, really helps. So if it’s something you think sounds interesting, I recommend it for sure. Just let it come. Don’t force it. ¬†What’s your word going to be?