Training at Northeast Portland Martial Arts focuses on a physical workout rooted in traditional martial arts. Students explore meditation, martial arts philosophy and history, holistic health, and spiritual growth. Each student progresses through a series of documented techniques, which enable creativity and improvisation in a variety of tournament or street situations. Classes at Northeast Portland Martial Arts challenge each student to excel beyond their perceived expectations in a safe, supportive environment.

Students gain:

  • Physical fitness
  • Increased mental focus
  • Awareness of energies
  • A deeper sense of connectedness to self and others
  • Increased clarity and direction
  • Self defense skills

Keep your eye open for additional classes and events at Northeast Portland Martial Arts such as seminars on a variety of movement and martial arts, Yoga, Meditation, movie nights for kids and other community events.


Membership dues are paid on a monthly basis and are $100 per month for unlimited classes.  There are no long term contracts to sign.  Ask about special discounted rates for full time college students and additional family members.  Income restricted students may be eligible for scholarship.  For more information on scholarships please discuss the program with Sifu Kelly.
The public is invited to watch Kung Fu classes at any time.
You may use the Paypal button below if you wish to pay for classes ahead of time. Checks are also accepted. Please contact Sifu Sean for more information.

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