Consistent training, easy as PIE!

I’m often asked “how many times a week should I train martial arts Sifu”.  The answer is everyday!

Let me clarify before I scare you though.  You can use your martial arts training in everything you do, every day.  Breathe, relax, move and structure.  That’s a phrase many of you have heard over and over and over for the past several months.  Many of us have heard it in different forms for years.  The principles we discover in class settings can be translated to your job, your relationships, your frustration in traffic, carrying your groceries,  your awareness walking down the street.  You get the idea.  Kung Fu is everywhere!  Train Kung Fu everyday, everywhere!

It's as easy as eating PIE, YUM!

In reference to how often should you be on the training floor in a class setting now that’s a little different.  I really don’t want to see you every day pushing your bodies beyond what’s healthy.  No offense.  Your body needs rest days too.  I love my students but you need to balance your life.  Over the years I’ve seen over zealous students work TOO hard, suffer chronic injury, burn themselves out and give up.  I’ve also seen the other side where students don’t really commit to a regular schedule and make excuses to skip class.  “Work was too hard today, think I’ll watch a movie”.  “I’m kinda tired, I’ll go tomorrow”.  “My thighs are sore from the 200 up downs we did on Monday”.  You get the idea.  There is always room for excuses.  Those students tend to drift away.  It’s best to create balance with a regular, consistent training schedule.  Figure out which days work the best for you and commit.  It’s as easy as eating pie.  I encourage my students to train MINIMALLY twice a week.  I prefer to see you three days, and for my students, four days a week is the most I want to see you.  Again, I love you but I want you to stay healthy and enthusiastic about your training.  Don’t burn out your mind or your body.

Set a schedule.  Pick specific days and specific class times you will train.  Stay CONSISTENT!!!!  If you miss one of your scheduled days make it up the next day or sometime within that same week.  Stay committed.  You will realize progress with your technique, you’ll gain confidence, you’ll grow stronger physically in your martial art and you’ll become more connected to your martial art community.

To my students, when you train consistently I won’t worry or miss you so much.

Much love and happy training,  Sifu

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