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A fresh clear path, adventure ahead!

Spontaneity, creativity, practicality and ethical behavior are the cornerstones of Mo Duk Pai.  Without even realizing it I spent 2012 actualizing one of those cornerstones.

I was hiking January 1st 2012 (the photo is not Sauvie Island) on Sauvie Island, adventuring out to the lighthouse at the end of the island for a traditional New Years day swim.   Along the way I was challenged to come up with a word to focus on for the entire year.  The word that came to mind was “Create”.  And I did just that.  For the first time ever I tried to focus on a single word for the entire year, create.  When the challenge was presented I had no idea NPAKF would materialize.  In fact over the years I have been hesitant to open a school at all for a variety of reasons.  NPAKF was created by so many of you, friends, peers, teachers, students, family members.  Many of you fit into several of those categories.  You made it happen.  I may be the Sifu teaching at the school but without you all and what you have contributed none of it would have come about.  I think it often and may not say it enough but thank you.  From all who are benefiting from the wonderful energy surrounding the school, thank you.  We did it.  We created something incredible!

Whether you are the type of person who attempts New Years resolutions or one who simply and quietly rings in the year as just another day, I challenge you to pick a word.  Thoughtfully poke through your vocabulary and pick a word or a phrase that inspires or motivates you.  Write it down where you can be reminded of it several times a day, the refrigerator, your dashboard, the bathroom mirror, wherever.  Our minds are powerful tools.  We can CREATE whatever we desire.

2012 was undoubtedly one of the most eventful years in recent memory for many of us.  For me it was facilitating the opening of a new Mo Duk Pai studio and establishing an additional community of MDP Fu’ers.  Challenging, rewarding, exciting, hard and fun!  The new year brought us a new location too!  It came quickly, the move and the passing of 2012.   But here we all are.  I’m grateful for an exciting year past, full of adventure and new relationships.  While doing my best to stay present in the moment I’m excited too for what is to come in the moments ahead.  I’m still trying to create a new word or phrase to focus on for 2013.  Based on my experience of 2012 I’m cautiously considering.

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