Folding Knife seminar

Start 2015 off right with this five hour folding knife seminar!

Many of us carry a folding knife as part of our daily lives, typically for utilitarian purposes, and once in awhile think about it for self defense. But do you know when you can legally use your knife to defend yourself? Can you successfully deploy and retain your folding knife under real world stress in a self defense situation? Do you know how to use your folding knife to efficiently stop a threat, yet leave evidence of reasonable force to defend yourself in court later?

Start 2015 off right with this five hour folding knife seminar where you will learn the answers to all of the above and much more. This course will be taught by Dean Foster who has 39 plus years of martial arts experience with black belt rankings in several styles to include; 6th Degree Master of Combat Sambo, a Certified Sport Sambo Coach, a Systema Instructor in Training, 2nd Degree in Mo Duk Pai Kung Fu, a 1st Degree in Tae Kwon Do, and numerous law enforcement instructor level courses in the application of use of force.

This Sunday, January 11th, we will be hosting a seminar taught by Sifu Foster from 10:00am – 3:00pm. Please bring pants/short with pockets, and a folding training knife (Benchmade Griptilian trainer recommended). A few training knives will be available for use during the course.

The cost is $60 and there is still room for this seminar.

Regular Kung Fu classes will be cancelled Sunday.

Questions, pre-registration forms, or payment information, please contact Sifu FosterĀ at

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