Holiday Gift Certificates for Kung Fu Classes

Bet you’ll be seeing that word a lot over the next month.  “Holiday Greetings”, greeting cards, seasons greetings you get the idea.
Here’s another idea.  How about a stocking stuffer for Kung Fu classes.  This can be used for NEW students only!  Sorry current students are not eligible for the discount.  The cost is $50 for 1 month, $90 for 2 months and $125 for 3 months.
Get a workout, learn self defense, lose those extra holiday pounds and have a ton of fun while doing it.  No better way to show your affection for a loved one.  Sure beats wasting money on electronics or that ugly old sweater that’s just going to Goodwill anyway. 🙂
There is a limited number available so get em while they are hot!  Please email for more information.
Much love and Happy Holidays,
Sifu Sean

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