Injured? Sick? How do I train?

It’s the time of year when illness, flus and colds, can take you away from training.  Be kind to your fellow students and don’t spread the nasties.  Stay off the training floor if you think you might be carrying a bug that could infect your classmates.

However, there are soooo many ways to train.  If you are sick you can read or you can move through your requirements softly on your own.  I’ve found that most often I get more out of training when I slow down and pay attention to my body.  Being sick can certainly help slow you down.  Just don’t over do it.  Nice and easy.  Relax and breathe.  Mindful movement will usually speed your recovery and help you feel better during your bout too.  Watching videos is always a nice way to pass the time if you simply don’t have the energy to move much.

When faced with an injury, which happens from time to time, try not to let it take you away from your regular training schedule.  You can gain so much insight into training by sitting off to the side, taking notes and watching how others move.  If you are too hurt to be on the training floor still come to class on your regular night.  Stay consistent.  There are many many ways to train your art.  Take advantage of the down time wisely.

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