Kids and Martial Arts

Oct_2013_kids_tournament-1There will be a kids martial arts tournament held at the Academy of Kung Fu on SE 21st and Powell (3228 SE 21st) on October 19th.

The approach of the tournament has caused me to think a bit about what it means for kids to train martial arts.  I’ve had a tremendous amount of feedback from parents for which I am extremely grateful.  In EVERY case the mom or dad has expressed that training Kung Fu has improved their childs behaviour.  It shouldn’t be a surprise considering a few of the principles most martial arts focus on are self discipline, self control, compassion, awareness and good health.  Still, every time I hear a parent say how much Kung Fu has helped their child it reinforces in me the virtues of the art. Oct_2013_kids_tournament-1

So kids, (parents feel free to share this please) if you train here at NPAKF its important that you understand that as you get higher up in rank there will be more expected of you than to simply know how to punch, kick and defend yourself.  I will be communicating with your parents to determine if training is helping you in everything you do.  Are you doing your homework?  Are you getting along well with sisters and/or brothers?  Do you help with chores around the house?  Are you kind, and respectful, a good listener, a strong support for those who may be weaker than you and I don’t mean just physically weaker.  What you learn through your martial arts training should be seen in everything you do.  Getting your next sash depends on it!  If you are truly becoming a real martial artist you will become a stronger person.  A stronger person makes the world a little bit better place by doing things to help others and the planet.  Does your training reflect that?  It should for kids AND adults.

Take a minute to think about how training martial arts is helping you become a better person.  Go out of your way this week to do at least one nice thing you wouldn’t normally do for someone.  You may be surprised to find it makes you feel even better than the person you were nice to.

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