More and more Feet, 24 feet

The distance across the training floor is a bit more than 24 feet and it makes for a nice walk, a mindful walk.

One of the drills we worked was stepping with intention.  You can do it ANYWHERE!  Start in just a normal stance.  Bring your right foot up to where your knee is parallel to the floor or as high as you can maintaining balance for a few seconds.  Gently place your foot down, heel first so your toes are pointing toward the ceiling.  Next roll your foot to the outside blade of your foot, then the ball and toes with your stepping foot heel coming off the ground, then to the instep and back to flat.  All the while you keep your opposite foot flat.  Repeat the process with the other foot, slowly and mindfully walking.

Mindful walkingIt’s best to do this drill barefoot so you may feel the ground but it works with shoes on as well.  So if you are in the office and you want to practice as you go to the water cooler no need to remove your shoes.  When you are doing this exercise simply pay attention to the different parts of your foot as they connect to the ground.  Get familiar with the different sensations in the receptors in your feet.  After you have done the exercise for 5 or 10 minutes.  Just walk normally.  Determine if you can feel any change in the way you place your feet or simply your awareness of how you place them.

Step up!  Appreciate your feet.

Much love, Sifu

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