Pass or Fail?

On February 14th two students from the Academy of Kung Fu in southeast Portland and three students from Westside Academy of Kung Fu tested for rank.  It was an incredible test and an honor to host.  Thanks to all who participated and special thanks to Sifu Alexander and Sifu Jones for bringing your students and energy to the school.

We are all tested, everyday.  It’s what we do with the experience that matters.  All five students passed their Kung Fu test on the 14th to receive their next rank.  Congratulations!  What happens when we fail?  Do we embrace the experience equally?

I recently failed a test with my teen age son.  He’s fourteen and at times has some fourteen year olds struggles and I am not always as patient as I would like to be.  In my opinion I failed a Kung Fu test.  But is there ever really failure if we can embrace the experience and learn from it?  Maybe in the moment or the hours or days when we are tested, no matter the circumstance, we don’t perform to the best of our ability.  Maybe too we still have more to learn so we are better prepared to face the test.  We can still take away valuable insight and grow as a person.

Martial arts teaches us to get up!  We may be knocked down seven times but we get up eight.  All five students who tested were knocked down and challenged and beat up and tired.  They conquered a mountain!!!  The result was their next rank.  Had the outcome been different and if they hadn’t received their next rank could they still feel they passed?  Pass or fail?  It’s all what we do with the experience.

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