Progression of “mastering” a technique

I have to give credit where it’s due and this concept was borrowed from Professor Anderson, owner of Dan Anderson Karate in Gresham Oregon and long time friend of Mo Duk Pai.  You can read a more thorough explanation by going to his website  Thank you Professor.

It’s really a simple concept and extremely valuable.  When learning a technique there are 3 simple steps to progress.  Trying to do one ahead of the other will often lead to a poor technique or possibly even injury.

1) Do it correctly!  Take your time.  Slow down.  Do it right.  Whatever it is you are trying to learn take the time to position yourself properly.  In the case of a push up for example make sure you are in a good plank position before you start your push up.  Don’t sacrifice your body position in order to touch your chin and chest to the floor.  If you can only lower yourself a few inches, fine,  maintain proper alignment.

2) Do it smoothly and fluidly.  Drill, drill, drill with correct posture and alignment whatever the technique.  The more you drill it and the more familiar you become with things the more relaxed you will be.  Breathe, relax and drill.  A natural result will be fluidity.

3)  Add speed and power.  Do the first two steps until you feel you are confident in the technique and then you are ready to move to speed and power.  Speed and power will come much more naturally if you have committed to the previous two steps first.  Once you are doing the technique correctly, you will be relaxed and fluid, then work on generating the power and the speed.

Simple maybe but probably not as easy as it sounds.  Like everything else we want to master it just takes time and effort, hard work over time.   And as with most principles we train the same ideas can apply to every day situations.  Happy training!

Love, Sifu

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