Striking Seminar with Sifu Foster

On Saturday May 18th, Sifu Foster presented a seminar on striking.  Drawing from his training in Systema, a russian martial art, Sifu Foster demonstrated that by relaxing properly it is possible to deliver and receive a much more powerful strike.  Over and over again students experienced first hand how effective relaxed techniques can be.  It’s simple but not easy.  Fear, apprehension, poor body alignment all result in tense muscles which can decrease the power when delivering a blow and increase the pain when receiving one.

No students were injured in the making of these photos but there were just a few bruises and a lot of laughter.  I’m not sure I ever heard Sifu Foster say “tickle, tickle, tickle” before when doing a full repetition but the element of surprise is part of martial arts training.

Thanks to Sifu Foster for a FANTASTIC seminar.  If any of you ever get the opportunity to train with Sifu Foster take advantage of it.  The material he shares is extremely valuable and will help you in ALL aspects of your martial arts training.

Breath, relax, move, structure.  Words to train by.

Much love,


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