We all have them.  They just vary.  I know I’m stating the obvious but sometimes in training Kung Fu we can forget we are not all equal.  That leads to one of the beautiful principles of Mo Pai Kung Fu.  Each student progresses at his or her own rate.

Over the years I have worked with students who were overweight, over the hill (in their minds), out of shape (in my mind), and students with autism and downs syndrome to name just a few.  I have  taught and trained with students of all shapes, sizes, abilities, limitations, skills and athletic prowess.  No two were alike.  Some could kick really well.  Some barely to the knee.  Some could go through a wall if necessary.  Some were timid.  Some were great street fighters.  Some were lights out in tournaments.  Some were incredible with their forms.

The point here is this, we all bring something different to our training in martial arts.  No matter what we think our abilities are, whether confident or uncertain, we all have skills and value we bring to the floor.  No two students are alike in their abilities or their progress.  This is YOUR art.  Maybe you can’t kick to the head or break a 2 x 4, who cares.  Do your best.  Mo Duk Pai has a wonderful approach to training.  Each student moves along at their own rate through a progression of requirements.  Don’t be full of yourself.  There is always someone bigger, stronger, faster and smarter.  Don’t underestimate yourself either.  You have more inside you than you can ever imagine.  Explore, acknowledge and embrace  your talents.  We all have them.

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