The School Seal Part 1 – Finding the Image

The Seal StoneThere is a story.  In order to appreciate the seal and the birth of the school I think it’s important to understand how it all came about.  The school celebrated it’s one year anniversary March 8th.  Two years ago I told a fellow black belt that I couldn’t imagine ever opening my own Kung Fu school.  Go figure!

Over the summer of 2011 I traveled around the country on a motorcycle.  That was spontaneous.  I had purchased a motorcycle, (hadn’t ridden in 35 years) passed the certification test (after 3 tries and barely) and was on the road not knowing exactly where I was headed, what I would discover and when or if I would return to Portland.  That was an amazing experience and another story.

Several weeks into my travels I was meditating beside a quiet stream.  By this time on my journey I was feeling quite Zen, relaxed and in tune with, well, most everything.  I had my eyes closed and in my mind I clearly saw a stone gently breaking the surface of the water. I saw very distinctly the effect the stone had in creating ripples extending to the edge of a pool.  It was such a powerful image and experience I logged it in my journal in more detail than any other entry on my travels.  I knew what I had seen would change my life in some way but had no idea what it all meant, not completely.

When I returned to Portland a month or two later I came across the stone I had seen during meditation in my girlfriends house.  I held the stone over a white bowl of water, gently broke the surface with the stone and took a photo.   With a little help from an artist and photoshop the EXACT IMAGE I had seen during my meditation was recreated.

Powerful thoughts and experiences manifest when we can slow down and allow ourselves moments of quiet.  The image I saw meditating has changed my life in ways I could never have imagined.  The water, the rock, the ripples all represent very specific aspects of my training, teaching and life in general.  Over the next several posts I will do my best to share the meanings of the seal and how to apply the principles in your training and everyday life.

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