The School Seal Part 2 – Water

Unbelievable Force - Niagra Falls
Unbelievable Force – Niagra Falls

Good ol’ H2O!  There are libraries full of books describing it’s virtues, beauty, power, properties and so much more.  A person (and they have) could spend their entire life studying water and it would be a life well spent.  Without water, life on this planet as we know it simply does not exist.

Water manifests endless characteristics and personalities.  It can be soft and calm, quiet and smooth as glass.  Water can rage, generate power, break rocks, carve canyons and change completely all it touches.  Water alters the environment with a gentle touch or a violent explosion of force.  It can move mountains and yield to a pebble.  Try to grab it and it flows through your fingers.

A Quiet Calm
A Quiet Calm

It’s not complex.  Two very simple elements bring to life all that we know.  There are literally endless lessons you can learn and apply to your Kung Fu training simply by listening to and watching water.  All that water is strive to become as a martial artist.  Sit by a stream, a lake, a river or the ocean and visualize how to emulate the movement physically.  Feel the power and life it creates and sustains.  Know you possess that same power and ability.  You can move like water.  Relax and breath.  Flow in harmony with all that surrounds you.   You will effect change beyond your imaginings to all that is, both within and without.

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