The School Seal Part 3 – Rock

Rock is typically seen as a symbol of strength, solidity and permanence.  Throughout history rock has held a place of significance in every culture.  We’ve used rock for shelter, healing, self-defense, in worship, art etc.   Similarly to water, rock in many forms and varieties illustrates countless martial principles.


There are the obvious analogies like strong muscles, physical toughness and strong moral character always associated with martial training.  There is a reason those images come to mind when we discuss martial arts.  That’s the intent of the training, to develop those attributes.  But there is so much more to it.

You’ve heard the phrase “as solid as a rock”.  Solid character, a solid physical body, a solid mind committed to positive growth are all considered by most a coveted state of being.  Who doesn’t want to feel strong in all aspects of their lives?  It’s what we strive for.  That’s exactly what Mo Duk Pai Kung Fu manifests in the individual.  The rock in the school seal represents strength, permanence and solidity in all aspects of our lives. Through training Kung Fu permanent connections are made with self, community and the universe that surrounds you.  You work to place your self on solid ground, a firm connection to yourself as a human, as a spiritual being and over time discover a more solid connection to all that is.

The rock is the firm foothold, the center of the seal, a sign of permanence, strength and a solid foundation.  The water is fluidity, soft, flowing, changing, adapting, turbulent or still. The stone touches the water and the ripples emanate from the center stone and effects all that surrounds it.  Connected, fluid, hard and soft, strong and permanent with the power to change.

What do the rock and the water symbolize in relation to your every day life?  How do your movements and thoughts relate to water?  To the rock?  To the ripples?  Can you visualize the combination of hard and soft, rock and water and apply the principles in daily events and challenges?  There are times to be firm and stand strong.  There are other times to be pliable and yield.  Train hard and relax!  It’s a long and adventurous journey.

Doorway through rock

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