Who Are We?

Excerpts from a handout given to students by Professor Fred King at Camp 2012.

Mo Duk Pai – Martial Ethic / Power Method.

Martial – Dealing with fighting, self defense

Ethics – Choices made that are either considered right or wrong in relationship to something, someone, some action etc.

Method – An orderly and systematic arrangement

“An ethical Martial Artist comes into being when the decision is made to apply only the exact amount of energy (force or no force) necessary to control or neutralize a threatening situation and the continuous training toward that specific competence”.  If you can run, run.  If you can use your voice, use your voice.  It’s the EXACT amount of force necessary which often times can mean no force at all.

“The continuous training toward that specific competence is what we do.  That means don’t quit training but continue to strive for a higher level of competence.  It’s an activity that has no end to it”.  

Reaching for excellence
Reaching for excellence

I’ve heard Professor use the analogy of the onion.  It’s just layer after layer after layer after layer…  We strive to develop the complete Martial Artist in mind, body and spirit.  What better way to improve our being?  In reaching for excellence there is no end.  You can train and learn for lifetimes.

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